What’s that? 

The Minolta MD mount was used for almost 50 years by Minolta.

Minolta was the main manufacturer of lenses in this month, but it was used by a lot of third party lens makers.

It featured a fairly simple design, which evolved throughout the years to meet the evolving needs of users and technology.

An easy way to recognize MD lenses is the cylindrical aperture pin and the aperture tab that communicates lens aperture


History… in short

Developed by Minolta in 1958 and used in their SR line, it was used until it was replaced by the Minolta A mount (now the Sony A mount)

You might see it called:

  • SR mount
  • MC mount
  • MD mount
Throughout the years Minolta partnered with Leica and later Sony, which they sold their photography patents and trademarks to.

Notable cameras:

  • Minolta SRT (101, 201)
  • Minolta XD & XE series
  • Minolta X-300

Notable lenses:

  • Minolta Rokkors