Front view of russian Contax Rangefinder lens.
Jupiter-8 5cm 2

Focal Lenght: 50mm (5cm)
Max Apeture: 2 – 22
Lens Mount: Contax rangefinder
Min. Focus: 0.9 mm (due to the lens mount)
Filter Size: 40.5
Weight: 100 g
Coated: Yes
Year made– 1953
Factory: KMZ


I have a small army of Jupiter-8’s. This one is in Contax Rangefinder mount. 

The interesting thing about Contax RF lenses is that if they use the internal mount, they lack a focus helicoid. It’s a chunk of metal and glass that can’t focus without the adapter. It’s a pretty chunk thought.


Due to the unique nature of the Contax Rangefinder mount, handling and how smooth focus is depends on the adapter your using. One thing to note is that I had removed the hard stop at the 0.9 minimum focus distance on mine, so some of the shots were taken closer than it was intended by the manufacturer of the lens.


This copy feels sharp, especially in the center. Corners never get outstanding, even when stopping down. 

In the f2 to f4 range you get that distinct, slightly busy Sonnar type bokeh you love or hote.

I mainly used it in that range.

Contrast isn’t great, but that adds to the particular look this lens has going for it. 

The colors are lovely. they felt like pastels. If you have conflicting colors, you can get a really nice blend and contrast of shades. Awesome to use for situations with mixed lighting and limited light. 

It flares easily, veiling your photo with a thin… veil. (creative writing at it’s best here, folks)


If you don’t have an adapter or plan on making one – don’t get this lens. The m39 can really save you a lot of hassle. 

That said I loved using this lens and found that most images taken with it, didn’t need much in post production. They were close to what I usually look for in my photos.

Time and time again I took a shot and was stunned that it turned out exactly like I wanted it.