With my curiosity for vintage lenses, I naturally fell for film cameras. Often times you get a lens, it comes with a camera. 

Often times when I picked up a lens I shot a roll or two of film with it, since these older lenses were designed with film in mind. I wanted to see them in action as they were made to be used.

In time I decided that each time I want to shoot a lens, I want to have a reliable camera of the camera mount of choice. I started researching different cameras, manufacturers and learning more and more.

I’ve decided to share short reviews of each camera I’ve used for a longer time as well as some of the photos I’ve made with them, since I don’t have anything shot on film in this library.

Click the images to check out a short review of each camera.

Camera Reviews.

The company name plate on a Nikon FM2n film camera.

Nikon FM2n